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Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Centers

Everybody has unique needs when it comes alcohol addiction treatment. Depending on the specific symptoms, the condition can be anywhere from mild to severe. The type of care you’ll need is largely influenced by where you fall in that range, but the options are usually the same for all.

Alcohol rehab programs come in two key types – inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient is when you live at the place where you are getting treatment, such as a hospital or detox clinic. Care will be provided 24/7 for the entire duration of the process. Outpatient is when you go to the center during the day but still live at home.

Inpatient typically offers more services and is intended for people having serious health issues (medical or mental), although it may cost significantly more. On the other hand, outpatient is a cheaper option that’s often safe and effective for those with mild or moderate alcohol withdrawal.

A third but less common option is residential rehab, where the you temporarily reside at a center, often for 1 to 3 months.

Tips for Choosing a Program

First off, make a list of your needs. Get started by asking yourself some questions. For example, what medical or mental health condition or conditions do you have, if any? Is your support network, if any, strong enough? If you answered no, an inpatient program might be the better option. From there, you can study the quality and costs of different options available to you. Look for one where the entire staff is licensed and trained, the success rate is high, and the rates are within your capacity.

Before calling a facility for the first time, list down a few essential questions that you have to ask, such as:

Do you honor insurance, and if so, are there any particular types you prefer?

Can you send me a copy of a treatment plan that you’re currently using?

Are counseling and medical services part of your package?

What is your approach to relapse prevention?

Will aftercare be available?

Insurance Coverage

Alcohol rehab is often covered by insurance, but the specifics of your policy and the rehab program you choose will ultimately dictate how much your out-of-pocket costs will be. One thing usual for everyone though is that your insurance provider will only cover services that are medically important. Hospital mental health care in hospitals, including alcohol rehab, is covered by Medicare Part A, while outpatient alcohol rehab falls under Medicare Part B.

Anyhow, you will do best to write notes and talk to your insurer directly. You’ll want to know about copays and other costs; the exact services covered by their plan (inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, etc. ); and what factors they consider when deciding what to cover.

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